JOYCE H KUNG | designer

Shift: An articulating sitting to standing school desk



The idea behind Shift was the concept of allowing people flexibility with their work environment. What I wanted to challenge myself to do was having that same idea be available for younger students.

In short, I wanted to create a desk that could physically fit every student.


research points
iterative sketching

From the initial research, I could tell that what might be best for both the students and the teachers was a type of desk that could be adjustable enough to grow with the student. I moved from building smaller one-eighth models of potential desks to full-scale ones borrowed with parts from IKEA.

mocking up
large mock tests
large mocks


One feature I decided on at this point in the design was a movable, singular unit of the chair and the tabletop controlled by a underlying gas piston, which allowed adjustability of the seat and tabletop. In addition, the tabletop could swivel, tucking the seat underneath and transforming the unit into a standing desk.

CAD iterations
desktop put-together
finalized models


1. rounded curves with two wheels for pushing around the classroom without looking shopping-cart-esque
2. a hook next to the seat is provided for the school bag for easy access
3. piston is controlled by a handle underneath the seat, which the student can move while either sitting on the chair or standing next to it
4. everything rounded off to erase sharp corners.

money shot
classroom setup
use case
final image