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Using light therapy to help with jetlag from international flying


Flite was conceived from the notion that light is a controlling factor of circadian rhythms (which regulate our internal clocks) and can be therefore used to help with our sleep schedule. And what better situation can be held accountable for messing up circadian rhythms than jetlag?

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Current recommendations to counter the effects of jetlag involves a lot of planning ahead, sleeping earlier/later every night, or merely taking a few days at the destination to adjust to the local time zone. What Flite aims to do is employ light therapy to aid the user with sleeping at the proper time before, during, and after the flight to better prevent experiencing jetlag.


There's a need for something that could provide a comfortable, cozy space for the user to be able to fall asleep in while traveling on an airplane while at the same time being able to provide light therapy without bothering other passengers of the plane.

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A travel pillow was taken and expanded through prototyping to provide both a receptable that could hold LED lights in front of the user's face to simulate the effects of light therapy, and an isolated place where the user can tuck away and sleep during their flight.

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An app was also created to pair with the pillow and help regulate the user's circadian rhythm leading up to and during the flight.

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