JOYCE H KUNG | designer

Providing potable water for annual hurricanes and typhoons



Filtr is a ceramic filtration system for when water supply is contaminated during a hurricane or typhoon. Since hurricanes and typhoons can be seasonal, Filtr doesn't have to be stored away whenever there isn't a natural distaster going on and can also be used year-round as a regular filter for tap water.

Iteration Sketching

After exploration of different water pumps and filtration systems, an extended screwing mechanism was implemented to provide perceivable interaction to the user filtering the water, as well as a more productive extraction of water units per force.

Extendo Guy

Ceramic filtering was chosen for the particular reason that it has the ability to filter out microbes and contamination cheaply and effectively.

Filters Internal

The external tubing uses negative pressure to suck in the water through a check (one-way) valve, and then filter out the bottom.

Money Shot

The filtration unit can be fitted over any container with an opening of 3 inches (or the "wide mouth" standard).

Different Sized Containers Money Shot